Bijrani Forest Lodge

Jim Corbett National Park

Enriched with the vast range of flora and fauna that construe a wild forest, exploring the Bijrani Zone of the Corbett Reserve Park could be the soul-stirring experience for wild life enthusiasts. Visited by large number of wildlife and nature lovers from all over the world, Jim Corbett is the natural habitat for the wild animals and the oldest tiger reserve in India. Divided into various zones, Bijrani is one of the major zones of the Corbett reserve park and not a little less adventurous spot than the famous Dhikala zone. This zone is popular for its tranquility and having wide range of floral species than any other zones. Surrounded with the breathtaking beauty of raw landscape, spending one or two nights in the core of the forest at Bijrani Forest rest house could be an enthralling memory of your life. Bijrani core zone is also considered as the tiger rich area so there is an utmost probability to spot a tiger roaming in its natural habitat. The topography primarily consists of huge water drains, wide grasslands called chaurs and dense Sal woodland with comparatively drier milieu.

Two forest guest houses are situated within the Bijrani zone; one is Bijrani forest guest house and the other is Malani forest guest house. These govt. managed forest houses offer its visitors the facility to stay inside the jungle for maximum of two nights. In order to visit any of the two Bijrani FRHs, you have to pass through the Aamdanda Gate after getting a govt. permit. During the British period in India, the area in and around of Bijrani was preferred for the game of shooting wild animals and was the dedicated shooting block. But, now it is a tiger reserve area and strictly prohibited for shooting and killing any animal. The Bijrani forest house is a quiet and calm place with the birds chirping in background and occasional sounds of different animals, providing you almost mystical ambiance. Being home to various kinds of exotic birds, this zone is highly popular for birdwatchers. In this part of the Jungle, there is quite good chances of spotting a tiger, herd of wild elephants, sloth bear along with plenty of other animals.

Don’t forget to carry:

  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Travelling clothes
  • Mobile
  • Travel bag

Accommodation at Forest Lodges

Bijrani FRH offers you night stay amidst the large forest in their beautifully built rest houses. This lonesome forest abode consists total of 6 rooms which comprises 4 double bed rooms and 2 single bed rooms along with 1 dormitory consists of 4 beds. Though this forest guest house is located almost 9 km inside the forest from the nearby town Ram Nagar but lodging and dining here are fairly good. The rooms are very comfortable and bathrooms are neat and clean along with all the basic room amenities. The guest house complex has its own canteen and a restaurant offering the variety of tasty vegetarian foods as buffet meals at very affordable prices. The complex has large clean compound area around it where you can take a walk or just relax beneath the tree. The complex is covered with fences for the safety of people staying here.

Activities at Bijrani Forest Complex :

The magnificent picturesque landscape of the Bijrani Zone can easily be explored from here. By using the facility of jeep safari, you can take a ride deep into the jungle observing animals and hoping to have a sight of a roaming tiger. If you want you can roam whole day in a jeep safari catching the glimpse of wildlife in large and capturing them with your camera. Along with the jeep ride, the elephant ride is also available to roam into the jungle but not too deep inside the forest.

How and When to Visit Bijrani forest Home:

Though the Day safari is open for wildlife enthusiasts from 15th Oct to 30th June every year in Bijrani zone but the night stay at the forest house at Bijrani is open for tourists only from 15th Nov to 14th June every year. Other than the mentioned periods, this place is closed for all visitors because of the rainy season. In order to visit inside the restricted area, you need to obtain the govt. permit and to stay inside the forest lodge you have to book the rooms. It is always good to book safari and forest rooms at Corbett national park in advance before visiting here so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience here.

Do not Forget

A well-planned travel is not only blissful but lingers fresh in the memory for a long time. One obviously would love a hassle-free travel, as it is meant for rest and enjoyment and above all to escape from the daily ordeal of life. If on a travel too, one finds oneself running from pillar to post and making last-minute arrangements, one would love to forget the holiday and the horrifying memories associated with it. India is a tough country, in terms of temperament and terrain. Before venturing on a sojourn to India, one needs to follow some simple guidelines to make the stay a pleasant one. Follow the tips in earnest and put your best foot forth and come to India with a desire, and India promises that you will leave the land with an ardent wish to come back again.

India Travel – Do’s and Don’ts

Follow these do’s and don’ts while you are traveling in India and you will remain out of any trouble hopefully.

Language – Make others understand what you are saying, speak slowly and repeat the things. Chances are that whatever you are saying is being misunderstood due to the differences in accent.

Permission for Photography – Take the necessary permissions and permits before photographing any government property, especially railways.

Beware – Never reply to a ‘hello’ of a common and never catch the eye of a professional beggar. Your simulated brutal indifference saves you energy and them time. No one pesters a hard touch when there are other tourists around.

Bargaining – Try to bargain as much possible, as most of the shopkeepers price the products well over the normal retail price.

Photography – Never buy camera film except from a recognized dealer. For places on higher altitude try using manual Indian cameras, as sophisticated automatic cameras might not be able to withstand extreme climates.

Beware of Dogs – Always give wide berth to the dogs that cross your path. The alternative may be two weeks of painful injections. Don’t run away or show fear to a stray dog or monkey, hold your ground and they will back off.

First Aid Kit – Don’t forget to keep the tablets of aspirin, paracetamol, and vitamins like the B-Complex. Check out with your doctor about the medicines you can use during your travel in India. Also try to keep in your first-aid kit, a pack of glucose powder, bandages, antiseptic creams or lotions, and Isabgol for abdominal problems.

Newspapers – Always buy a newspaper even if you are not going to read the news. They are very handy in relieving you of any boredom, work as a paper bag for shoes and fruits, help in stabilizing the rocking tables in a restaurant, sealing a window that rattles, swat flies, work as blotting paper, and will turn into paper airplanes.

Other Important Items – A small torch is an essential equipment as the lights are prone to power cuts. Always carry a small lock to double-lock the doors of the tourist bungalow or budget accommodation you are staying in. Also carry a string, if you have the urge to measure the length of everything in sight, an umbrella, which can be used as a walking stick, to scare off dogs, and to save yourself from raindrops.

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